Friday, January 28, 2022

New Directions

 I've been learning lately.

I mean, I have been learning a lot.  Some of it is completely new, some of it is just fresh perspective on old ideas.

This is undoubtedly the natural consequence of being put in charge of developing a green-field project (can you believe it?!?) using both familiar and unfamiliar technologies.  It's a mobile app.  It's an API.  It's a cloud native, event driven...  work in progress.  As a consequence, I run into unexpected things all the time.  I also get to see up close what works and doesn't, as my client is flexible enough to let us experiment with features.

I think I need to record this stuff for anyone who might be interested.  I'm not saying that I will be giving up on discussions of OOP principles, but I will also be expanding my reach.

There was no single trigger for this, but the past year or so has helped me to understand a few new tools and concepts.  I'm still working out others, as I have been all along.  But now I'm going to write it down here.

I hope it proves useful.


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