Stupid Git!

I am making source code demos associated with the various blog posts available from GitLab at the following location:

You can view the sources with any web browser, and if you like you can pull everything down to your own computer.  I'll try to package things in a reasonable fashion and make it possible to find everything you need, but this is an evolving process at the current time.  You could also install GIT yourself and link up with the project.  Doing this will be slightly more involved, but you'd have an easier time getting updates over time.

I will try to be diligent about making specific links available with future blog posts, so you guys don't have to scramble and search for things.  That being said, there are advantages to just typing in the code yourself, and I would suggest doing so when you can.  If all you do is cut and paste and prove you can run stuff, you haven't really learned, and I'm all about the learning.

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