Who IS this guy?

My name is J.D. Luke and I'm a codaholic.  That is to say, I've been a programmer since the early 1980s, when I convinced my father to purchase me a Commodore VIC-20.  I did so because the back of my geometry textbook had an appendix on BASIC programming and it positively blew my mind that one could make a machine dance like that.

Fast forward too many years, and I became a professional developer working in the corporate world.  I've been through several phases and languages over the years, but the Java language is one where I feel the designers really got something right.

Learning to think properly in objects took a bit of effort, but as the concepts and design patterns percolated into my head they opened me up to new ways of doing things.

I've also learned to appreciate and make use of functional programming ideas, and I have some very strong thoughts on what makes for good code.

Now I want to share.

Please join me as I try to lead readers from the basics to reasonably sophisticated ways of telling a machine what to do.  I'm sure that if coding interests you, and you are able to follow along, you will find it worthwhile.

I'd love to have feedback on the individual posts as well as on the blog as a whole.  I won't really know what I'm doing right or wrong unless someone tells me.  I am expecting to get most of my ideas for posts from questions people ask, whether that be here or elsewhere.

Thank you for reading,

Donations are gratefully accepted, and help free me up to write more here on the blog.


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